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Welcome to the Minimally Invasive Center of Hudson Valley Surgical Group. We offer the latest in sophisticated Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) techniques with Westchester's top MIS physicians. With a multi-disciplinary approach, our expert surgeons have performed over 18,835 laparoscopic surgeries and provided patients with the latest in Minimally Invasive (MI) surgical care. Built on the combined strengths of prominent board-certified surgeons, the Minimally Invasive Center of Hudson Valley Surgical Group offers a distinctive quality-of-life approach to surgery that results in shorter hospital stays, shorter recovery times and significantly less risk and less pain to patients.

The MI Center of Hudson Valley Surgical Group is patient focused and takes great care to embrace cosmesis as part of their surgical procedures.  We understand that listening to the patient is critical and each patient is an individual that requires a custom solution to meet their exact needs.  The valuable benefit of Hudson Valley Surgeons is that we are extremely well trained in both MI and open surgical procedures. Our primary step in each case is a surgical group consultation that allows us to leverage that experience to develop the best holistic game plan based on all of the patients’ medical complexities.  

MI and robotic surgical procedures are designed to preserve or restore the physical appearance of the patient as part of the surgery.  As surgeons at Hudson Valley Surgical Group, we understand the patients desire to limit scarring and have refined our techniques to provide the best possible cosmetic outcome possible.  Cosmesis and less scarring are part of several benefits including, faster recoveries and less post-surgical complications, that are the result of MI and robotic surgical procedures.  Most surgeries are done on an outpatient basis.

The Technique of Big-City Specialty in a Local and Personal Setting

With a unique approachability and a compassionate determination to bring patients back to the health they deserve, our Minimally Invasive Center offers the highest level of Minimally Invasive surgical technique with the most innovative technology available. Our group performs Minimally Invasive surgeries at three local hospitals including Phelps Memorial Hospital and St. John's Riverside Andrus and Dobbs Ferry Pavilion.

Leading Patient-Centered, Minimally Invasive Surgery

Thank you for visiting the Minimally Invasive Center of Hudson Valley Surgical Group. We are a practice that combines sophisticated Minimally Invasive surgical technology with expert board-certified specialists. Our newly defined patient-centered approach to surgery and comprehensive surgical care is offered only by our exclusive team of Westchester's top-rated healthcare professionals.

The surgeons at Hudson Valley Surgical Group have extensive experience in both laparoscopic and open surgical procedures.  These diverse skills are critical if the need to change techniques arises during surgery. As pioneers in laparoscopic techniques but with an extensive education in open procedures, the Hudson Valley Group surgeons are effectively able to handle complex cases or convert the procedure as needed, insuring every patient is well-cared for.

Leading the Future with Robotic Expertise and Surgical Technique Development

The team at Hudson Valley Surgical Group is not only well versed in the latest MI surgical tools and techniques including the da Vinci robot and laparoscopic tools but we are on the forefront of new developments.  Active participation in new surgical tool and technique development with universities and manufacturers is critical to leading solutions and providing the best solutions across all sub-specialties for our patients.

For multiple years, Dr. Robert Raniolo and Dr. Har Chi Lau have the distinction of being selected as two of Castle Connolly's Top Doctors™ in America and Westchester Magazine's Top Doctors and New York Magazine's Top Doctors.

Castle Connolly is America's Trusted Source for Identifying Top Doctors, The Best in American Medicine.

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Hudson Valley Surgical Group provides the latest in Minimally Invasive Surgery utilizing the most advanced laparoscopic technology available. Hudson Valley Surgical Group is the leader in patient-centered, Minimally Invasive Surgery techniques. Built on the combined strengths of three prominent board-certified surgeons: Robert Raniolo, MD, FACS and Har Chi Lau, MD, FACS -- who both have the distinction of being selected as two of Castle Connolly's Top Doctor in America; and Michael Weitzen, DO, ABOS, Hudson Valley Surgical Group specializes in their distinctive quality-of-life surgical approach that shortens recovery times and has less pain for patients.