ABDOMINAL Minimally Invasive Surgery

The team at Hudson Valley Surgical Group care about their patients' outcomes first and foremost. They are premiere diagnosticians in the area of unknown abdominal pain. Years ago, open abdominal surgery was performed by making large incisions that often led to lengthy recovery times and significant scarring. Now Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is used for many different abdominal procedures in less time, with far less complications.

Minimally Invasive Abdominal Surgery Advance Techniques

The best MIS surgeons in the area are at the Minimally Invasive Center of Hudson Valley Surgical Group.  They have redefined abdominal surgery with the advancement of MIS, robotic and laparoscopic technologies. With over 30+ years of traditional open surgery combined with the newest and best technical tool selection, they are able to proceed with custom surgical solutions that benefit their patients best. General abdominal surgery is now done through a series of small incisions to the abdominal wall (less than 1/2 inch long) instead of traditional open surgery which can require incisions 12-24 inches long. MIS, da Vinci robot and laparoscopic instruments allow the surgeons enhanced visibility and lighting to the abdominal area thus offering increased accuracy and effectiveness.

Generalized ABDOMINAL Patient Issues

As experts with access to a bevy of diagnostic tools including laparoscopes, this team is focused on developing a plan to uncover the underlying issues such as carcinoids, small bowel tumors and stomach tumors and rectify them. The most common abdominal MIS procedures include gallbladder, hernia, colon, stomach surgery, appendectomy. Our surgeons treat each patient with complete management of their individual care and which does not always include surgery.                  

Hudson Valley Surgical Group’s expertise also expands into more complex and less common surgeries.

Patient Benefits of Minimally Invasive Abdominal Surgery
  • Precise detection  Laparoscopy is often used if an earlier diagnosis is in doubt and offers the surgeon a final visual diagnosis of the problem.
  • Less risk for wound infections  Wound infections and complications have significantly decreased with essentially no blood loss and less trauma to the body.
  • Less scarring  MIS abdominal surgery requires small incisions resulting in less noticeable scars.
  • Less anesthesia  MIS abdominal surgery is ideal for patients with sensitivity to anesthesia.
  • Decrease surgery time  Superior and precise technology have decreased surgery time.
  • Less pain  MIS abdominal surgery results in less post-operative pain.
  • Faster recovery/Shorter hospital stay  You will go home sooner and back to your active lifestyle faster!
If you are experiencing discomfort, swelling or pain in your abdomen area, please consult your physician immediately or make an appointment.
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Hudson Valley Surgical Group provides the latest in Minimally Invasive Surgery utilizing the most advanced laparoscopic technology available. Hudson Valley Surgical Group is the leader in patient-centered, Minimally Invasive Surgery techniques. Built on the combined strengths of three prominent board-certified surgeons: Robert Raniolo, MD, FACS and Har Chi Lau, MD, FACS -- who both have the distinction of being selected as two of Castle Connolly's Top Doctor in America; and Michael Weitzen, DO, ABOS, Hudson Valley Surgical Group specializes in their distinctive quality-of-life surgical approach that shortens recovery times and has less pain for patients.