The HVSG Breast Specialists offer an educational approach to the detection and treatment of breast cancer and breast disease.  Lead by Dr. Robert Raniolo, you'll meet with Westchester's top radiologists, oncologists and counselors to discuss all options for your individualized plan.  From early detection procedures to diagnosis and treatment schedules, our staff ensures that all patients are well-informed and part of the decision-making towards recovery.  We provide the compassion, privacy, and comfort you need with expert care. "Take charge! Make your mammogram appointment today..."


Studies have shown that a large percentage of breast cancer patients are diagnosed after the cancer is spread. That's why early detection is so important.  Early detection begins with a patient's self exam, routine visits with your physician, and yearly mammograms.

If a lump is found on a mammogram, additional tests including an Ultrasound and/or an MRI may be performed. An MRI test is done only if the suspicious area cannot be evaluated on the mammogram and ultrasound alone. After the MRI results, our physicians will then decide if a biopsy is required for further testing of the cells within the suspicious area.

A biopsy is performed by Dr. Raniolo in order to determine if the cells are cancerous or non-cancerous (benign). A biopsy is a minimally invasive procedure and can be performed in several ways, depending on the size of the lump, the location and the imaging modality it is seen best with. More than 90 percent of women can undergo a needle breast biopsy with local anesthesia and no scarring.

  • Fine needle biopsy - a thin needle is inserted into the lump and a sample of cells is removed
  • Core needle biopsy - a needle is inserted into the lump and a larger sample of tissue is removed
  • Open biopsy - a small incision is made in the skin and a sample or the full lump is removed

HVSG shares the concern of our patients after a biopsy or other diagnostic test is performed. We offer same day test results as well as prompt scheduling to ensure a patient's journey towards breast health begins as soon as possible.

"Dr. Raniolo always sat down with me and explained everything. No drastic procedures were ever suggested and his team made me part of the decision-making for treatment. I felt like I was in control the entire time and that made me feel so much stronger, both emotionally and physically."

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