THYROID Minimally Invasive Surgery

Is Minimally Invasive Parathyroid or Thyroid Surgery an option for you? It can be, depending on a number of factors (including the presence of Hashimoto disease, size of the cancer, goiter or nodules and whether thyroiditis is present). This is determined through a complete pre-surgical testing which determines the full thyroid panel.  The Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) team of Hudson Valley Surgical Group understands that thyroid surgery is a delicate surgery that leaves a patient with a visible scar, much different than other surgeries. That's why our surgeons are particularly sensitive to incision length when it comes to thyroid removal.  The team pinpoints more accurately through pre-opt localization the exact placement of the parathyroid or thyroid issue.  In addition, the team at Hudson Valley Surgical is hyper-focused with techniques that preserve vocal chords and their nerves which preserves speech quality. 

Minimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery Advance Techniques

Until recently, thyroid surgery had been an open operation through a large incision. Now, with 30+ years and 960 surgeries of the expert technique the Hudson Valley Surgical Group's MIS, thyroid surgery is done through a smaller incision - almost less than two inches- which results in significantly less scarring.  This has evolved over time and we have expertly mastered outcomes so most patients are ready to go back to work within days. Limiting disruption the determination of the nodule being malignant or non-malignant is key.  A majority of work-ups often find that patients do not even require surgery.

Patient Benefits to Minimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery
  • Less scarring  MI parathyroid or thyroid surgery procedures offer significantly improved cosmetic results.
  • Less pain  MI parathyroid or thyroid surgery results in less post-operative pain.
  • Less risk for wound infections  Parathyroid or thyroid wound infections and complications have significantly decreased with far less blood loss and less trauma to the body.
  • Faster recovery/Shorter hospital stay  Parathyroid or thyroid surgery is typically done as an outpatient with one day of observation - You will go home sooner!
If you are experiencing pain or have a lump in the throat please consult your physician immediately or make an appointment.
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